The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


I love to tidy.  Cleaning, not so much.  But I’m drawn to order and organization.  That doesn’t mean I always do it.  I discovered this book and read it quickly.  It will change my life if only I follow its guidance.  I got rid of a bunch of junk after reading it.  Now I just need to keep going!



6 thoughts on “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  1. Oh, I just bought this and read it in one sitting. Loved it. I then purged and organized my closet the way she reccomends, then my children’s and then I went through our books. Onto Paper. I am hooked.

    • You are good. I did one good purge and stopped. But I plan to keep going! I definitely think I’m going to need to re-read throughout my life! 🙂 I have packrat tendencies and don’t want to end up on Hoarders! LOL

  2. Wow! I am inspired by this post. I want this book! Years of us tidying up is paying off, plus we stop bringing more stuff into the house which really makes a difference. I always enjoy a clutterfree space and could feel the difference since we have been working hard on getting there gradually. Looking at those clutter free magazines are a great help too.

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