really love

Source So I’ve run out of all my planned posts.¬† I’ve been busy.¬† I started a new job.¬† I’ve been de-cluttering.¬† I’m in the choir.¬† I have a really long commute. I’m busy!¬† And I’ve gotten a bit tired of blogging.¬† But I still like it.¬† A lot. So what do I have to share […]

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I love to tidy.¬† Cleaning,¬†not¬†so much.¬† But I’m drawn to order and organization.¬† That doesn’t¬†mean I always do it.¬† I discovered this book and read it quickly.¬† It will change my life if only I follow its guidance.¬†¬†I got rid of a bunch of junk after reading it.¬† Now I just need to keep going! […]

bake for good

  Source Bake For Good was a three-city tour hosted by King Arthur Flour that combined baking education with volunteering.¬†Bloggers received hands-on instruction in pie and yeast-bread making.¬†¬†Skills were then put into¬†practice¬†baking dozens of pies and loaves of bread for a¬†sit-down meal¬†served at the Family Service Center in St. Paul.