A Poem for Mr. Nicholson


Photo Credit: Luisa Spriggs-Bonilla

His face would travel through a range of emotions

Concerned and serious

Listening intently to what I was saying

Softening in recognition, understanding

And then erupting into one of his big smiles

And laughter

When I was a teen I was headstrong, often foolish

But he was one of the adults who truly listened

There are adults that really listen to children

Take the time to guide

He was one of those

I was so sure about everything

Opinionated and how I loved to argue

He would argue with me

Made me feel strong intellectually

Treated me with respect

Made me argue my case, he didn’t let down

He didn’t act as if I were younger, inferior, giving me a break

He pushed me to defend my position

He had a keen mind

He was always teaching us young ones

Lessons from his childhood and life

So that we might learn from his experiences

He was a good teacher

(I think he got a kick out of me)




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