understanding looters

If I as a peaceful person can understand looters, what does that say about me? That I am African-American and have been called nigger? That I have witnessed racism? That I have a black son and have feared for his life during his whole life? That I have been hopeless and understand hopelessness? That I’ve […]


A Simple Hello

Originally posted on Storyshucker:
The evening commute home was a scramble as people rushed and crushed onto the train fighting for a place to sit or stand.  A last-minute couple pushed through the door dropping tourist maps in their haste. Forced by the crowd to split up, the man went one way and the woman another.…

how being a purist has killed my diet

Source Usually I am a purist when it comes to dieting. I have very high, close to impossible standards. If I fail once, I give up completely. Then I gain weight again.   That’s been my life. Diet, lose, off diet, gain. A big old yo-yo.  Now, with a goal of less than 100% compliance, […]

Remembering to be grateful 

  I have a very long commute to work each day. I live in the suburbs of Maryland and commute to a suburb of Virginia. One thing I love about my job (and there are many) is that it is in a pretty place. There are woods nearby and I see deer. There’s a pond […]