Smoothie Rainbowls



Health living is all the rage nowadays. Since I’ve been doing it since I was young (thanks mom!), it’s not something new to me.
However, there are always new and exciting ways to eat your healthy food! I had been making delicious and nutritious smoothies for a while now, to drink for breakfast and/or lunch, since it’s so easy to make and tasty. But I decided to turn my daily smoothie ritual into something more creative, so I started to make smoothie bowls! Like many of you may already know, it is a big, big hype at the moment. It’s definitely worth the hype though!

All you need is a blender, some (preferably frozen) bananas and other fruit of choice, some coco or rice milk (better than regular milk). It’s optional to add in some hemp powder and spirulina powder for an extra boost, and I like to soak some…

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