Winter vs Spring



Rising up in the dark

Getting into the car

The quiet ride to the subway

Out of the car

The wind hitting my face

Making me cringe

Hunching my shoulders

Wishing I had put on one more layer

The walk into the station

Passing my favorite lady who hands out the free commuter paper

She barely recognizes me

My head in a hat pulled down low

A scarf around my neck, mouth and nose

Only my eyes peeking out



Walking out to the car in the mild sprinkling rain

There is no sun but there is light

Getting into the car lightly covered with misty sparkles

Looking at the flowering trees along the road

At the subway the drive way lined with white blossoming trees

I think, “I always forget how lovely they are”

Walking up to my favorite lady who hands out the free commuter paper

She sees me immediately

Recognizes me and smiles

I walk up in my bright pink cheerful cherry blossom of a skirt

My face and hair free and uncovered

My body covered in a light raincoat

I smile back at her

It is Spring


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