Remembering to be grateful 

  I have a very long commute to work each day. I live in the suburbs of Maryland and commute to a suburb of Virginia. One thing I love about my job (and there are many) is that it is in a pretty place. There are woods nearby and I see deer. There’s a pond […]

Smoothie Rainbowls

Originally posted on thesushiprincess:
Health living is all the rage nowadays. Since I’ve been doing it since I was young (thanks mom!), it’s not something new to me. However, there are always new and exciting ways to eat your healthy food! I had been making delicious and nutritious smoothies for a while now, to drink…

Little girl

Little girl I see your hair half bleached I wish you knew the radiance with which your natural brown color shines  And the parts on the ends bleached light reddish brown A failed attempt at blond lacks luster and strength  Don’t you know there is no equal or greater to what God creates?