The power of music

  I was eating dinner at the airport before my flight. Chipotle was dark with long lines and mellow music. I got through the line and took my dinner to a silver metal table and sat down. 

Slowly chewing my food I recognized that I felt sad. Was it that I was getting ready to travel and be away from home? Was it the weirdness, awkwardness, and impersonal nature of airports? I didn’t know. I sat with the feeling. 

Finishing my meal I got up and rolled my bag out of Chipotle.  As I emerged into the greater airport, my spirit lifted. I walked into light and what was curiously and evidently missing was the “mellow” music, which was better described as depressing. I felt 100 times better! Don’t underestimate the power of music. 

That is probably why I feel so happy in grocery stores. That happy piping music makes me feel upbeat and hopeful. I walk through throwing random items into my cart, humming along and swaying to the beat. 

Music transforms. It can elevate but it can also bring you down. Be aware! 🙂


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