no such thing as coincidence

  Two days ago I ripped out a page from the Anthropologie catalog. I cut out just the word abundance and gave it to my husband. Yesterday I received a letter from my sister-in-law. She had torn out that same page and used itas stationery to write me a letter.  I don’t believe in coincidences. I […]

The power of music

  I was eating dinner at the airport before my flight. Chipotle was dark with long lines and mellow music. I got through the line and took my dinner to a silver metal table and sat down.  Slowly chewing my food I recognized that I felt sad. Was it that I was getting ready to travel […]

Arabian Jasmine

  One of my co-workers brought another co-worker an Arabian Jasmine plant. The most heavenly scent emanated from it. In India, women weave these into a braid and wear them in their hair. Some women leave them in their hair overnight to scent it.