Arabian Jasmine

  One of my co-workers brought another co-worker an Arabian Jasmine plant. The most heavenly scent emanated from it. In India, women weave these into a braid and wear them in their hair. Some women leave them in their hair overnight to scent it.  


  Source music can bring you back to a different place, time a saw a friend from high school days she reminded me of our mutual appreciation of Supertramp I started listening to the songs and it was instantly 1979 I was 16 big hair, Dittos jeans, Candies shoes football games, proms and disco dancing […]

Lunch with a friend

I had lunch with a high school friend.  We met at 15.  Now we are 51.  As much as we evolve, we are still 15 inside and who we were at 15 is still there. It was fun to look back, to remember.  We filled each other in on our lives, but there was no need […]