About me

Hi!  I’m Karyl!


I am

52! My sister-in-law tells me 52 is the new awesome.

(I think SHE is awesome!)  I was born in

Detroit, Michigan

and grew up in Michigan, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

ry%3D400Eight years ago, I married my best friend and hero,


I have a 25-year-old


(Garrett) whom I adore.


We live in Maryland with our two


Nylah (Fluffy)


and Bella (Belly, the high-strung one).


By day I am an

HR Manager.

I try to make the workplace as kind and fun as I can.  By night I am a mad crafter.  🙂


I try to eat healthy but I love to


and cook southern food like baked macaroni and cheese, and potato salad.


I love reading and watching movies and am a homebody.

A typical weekend includes a little


tidying, grocery shopping and cooking a big Sunday dinner.  I am Catholic and sing in my church choir.  I also like to write


I love my





love to laugh.

I am passionate about my


christmas 2010

Each day is a


and I’m going to keep on living and loving life until the good Lord calls me home!



check out my Books, Store, and Stuff pages!


52 thoughts on “About me

    • Dear Heidie,

      Thank you so much for your nomination. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. At this time I am not accepting nominations/awards. But as I said I appreciate that you enjoy my blog and wanted to honor me in this way! Thank you. 🙂

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    • I sure will. Thanks! Thank you for thinking I am kind. I do try to be! It doesn’t always work but my intentions are good. 🙂 I love doll making. Wish I could do it more! One day! At night will have to do for now. Truth be told I don’t stay up all night crafting. I need lots of sleep. So it’s more like an hour here and an hour there. I look forward to visiting your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hello newest follower! I’m glad you like my about page. I was just over at your blog thanking you and reading your most recent post. I look forward to seeing you around blogville. Always nice to connect with my sister Christians! 🙂

  2. First thing, love the title of your blog, I can totally relate. Enjoyed reading your about page! The doll you made is sooo adorable! I’m a crafty gal. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. #newfollower

  3. Nice to “meet” you! I am in Maryland as well! (Work in Baltimore, live in Frederick) I’m in marketing – and like you, love using my creative side!

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