I Remember

Source I remember being young and single Going wherever the wind blew me Hanging out with friends until 4 am Falling in together after work meeting at a restaurant then moving to┬ábar or club no deadlines no curfews no one to answer to, go home to a free spirit a kite surrounded by so many […]

Yard Sales

Hunting hunting What can I find? A trinket a treasure A box made of pine We walk along slowly My husband and I Browsing and thinking Now what can I buy? A chair for the kitchen Some shelves for the den A little glass chotchke That’s shaped like a hen? We each have a twenty […]


   There are prophets among us Sometimes they appear Out of nowhere It could be that “crazy” lady on the train This morning it was She walked onto my car Before 8 am She started sharing her testimony  Without fear Telling us to repent Telling us to follow Jesus before it’s too late Tears rolling […]

Tea party hats

              I made these hats today for a tea party  in early July in West Virginia. It’s at the home of my cousin in her backyard. It’s for ladies and girls. Although when my husband heard we were having cake he said he would stop by.  My favorite is the pale pink. What about you?