Dolls and Monsters! My Etsy store has opened!

I just opened a store on Etsy called Dolls and Monsters!  It’s so exciting.  As many of you have witnessed, I started making dolls about six months ago.  I have been making them for fun and giving them away.  Having given dolls and monsters to most of the children of my family and friends, and […]

i like poems

  i like poems   full sentences not necessary   you can jump   around   say little   suggest   they are like little sketches   that people fill in with their own   emotions   Related articles   Where do poems come from? ( The Home of All the Poems ( A place […]

corinne bailey rae

I really like this artist.  A friend reminded me of her the other day.  I have to put her on my wishlist.  How about you? Related articles The Sea: Corinne Bailey Rae ( Corinne Bailey Rae – Is This Love ( Corinne Bailey Rae ( 5 Celeb-Inspired Natural Hair Updos To Keep The Strands Off […]