my bakery friend

I  have been supporting and mentoring a younger friend who aspires to own a bakery.  It is so much fun!  I have never owned a bakery but I love them, love sweets, and love to bake.  I get to live vicariously through someone and I get to talk about things I love. It’s so fulfilling […]


Shop Local, Shop Small, Shop Handmade

On this, the blackest of Fridays, please remember to support small businesses.  I like Walmart as much as the next gal.  Especially the next poor gal!  But I love small businesses and appreciate them.  Please show the love today and throughout the year.  Go to that small shop in your town you’ve been wanting to […]

toms shoes

I just ordered some Toms shoes.  One pair for me and one for someone who needs them. Related articles Walk a Mile in My Shoes: TOMS Shoes ( Get Toms Here !!!! ( TOMS: A day without shoes ( Toms shoes-Enhancing the Utility of Shoes ( Ben Affleck Teams Up With TOMS ( The best […]