Cream Cheese Poundcake – My Signature Dish

This cake is getting to be “my” dish.  I got the recipe from my Mom’s friend Carolyne.  Thank you Carolyne!  Carolyne’s (and now Karyl’s) Best Cream Cheese Pound Cake Ever* Ingredients 3 c flour 1 T baking powder ¼ t salt 1-8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened 1 ½ c butter 2 ¼ c sugar […]


making shrimp etouffee

(Photo Credit: Nola Cuisine) Shrimp Etouffee (pronounced ay-too-fay) is both easy to make and quickly becoming one of my signature dishes.  I’ve made it twice now using two different recipes.  Both times it came out great.  Last time I used Emeril’s recipe.  The hardest part is peeling and deveining the shrimp.  The solution: use peeled, […]

pecan pie

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chocolate chip cookies

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