olive us

Source I think I’ve done a post on these folks before but you have to check out their videos. I love to watch them.  My all time favorite is the one with the little girl in Paris.  Priceless.  Betty in Paris is the best!     Be sure to check out their other videos too! […]

heart doll

I had fun with this doll: the applique felt heart, the fancy shoes, the floral pattern.  Also, the hair bow was fun to make.  Fun, fun, fun! Related articles Paper Heart (glorialana.wordpress.com) Next creative project- a DOLL (joymommy.wordpress.com) Challenge: Paper Doll (coasttocoastcentral.com)

black and red roll

I love limiting the colors.  I’m thinking about a holiday line: Valentine’s doll, Halloween doll, etc.  What do you think?  🙂 Related articles Top 10 Pantone Fashionable Color Trends For Fall 2013! Featuring Samba (harmonysrainbow.wordpress.com) Let’s Just Get to Fall Already (kedavidson30.wordpress.com) Who’s ready for Halloween? (amyzingeventplanning.wordpress.com)

life is precious

I am thankful for my life. My life is precious. Every life is precious.   Related articles More Precious than Gold (ellenzimmel.wordpress.com) Precious Lord, Take My Hand (jtyn99.wordpress.com) Priscille Sibley: Precious and Wanted (psychologytoday.com) Precious Mother (quiesincaelis.wordpress.com) A Precious Moment (coachinator79.wordpress.com) More Precious Than Jewels (womenofbslc.wordpress.com) My Precious Friend (novasiddique.wordpress.com)