life is precious

I am thankful for my life. My life is precious. Every life is precious.   Related articles More Precious than Gold ( Precious Lord, Take My Hand ( Priscille Sibley: Precious and Wanted ( Precious Mother ( A Precious Moment ( More Precious Than Jewels ( My Precious Friend (

shoe box doll house

I saw some very cute DIY dollhouses on Pinterest and I really wanted to make one.  So I did!  I’m happy with it but it is far from perfect.  The hardest thing to do was the couch!  I made it from cardboard, fleece, and fabric.  I used regular glue and a hot glue gun.  I’m […]

Dolls and Monsters! My Etsy store has opened!

I just opened a store on Etsy called Dolls and Monsters!  It’s so exciting.  As many of you have witnessed, I started making dolls about six months ago.  I have been making them for fun and giving them away.  Having given dolls and monsters to most of the children of my family and friends, and […]