Fifty shades of grey

I don’t want to see the movie. Being drawn towards modesty, purity, the covenant of marriage, wholesomeness, and privacy prevents me from wanting this in my life. I am not a prude. I believe that sex is beautiful within marriage. I don’t believe in pornography or violence against women. This movie is being talked about. […]

Call to dress more modestly

Source I have a calling to dress more modestly.  I’m struggling with this a bit.  The more you reject modern wordly culture and cling to what you believe God wants, the more odd you seem.  I remember when I would see Jehovah Witnesses standing at the subway evangelizing.  I would think they were weird, afraid […]

Easter cards

Source Having once been an Easter and Christmas Catholic, I made a choice about which was my favorite. I always chose Christmas. I gravitated to birth, the baby Jesus, the gifts. But now that I’m a weekly Mass Catholic, older, and a true believer, I see that Easter is the most important. He died for […]