A Poem for Mr. Nicholson

Photo Credit: Luisa Spriggs-Bonilla His face would travel through a range of emotions Concerned and serious Listening intently to what I was saying Softening in recognition, understanding And then erupting into one of his big smiles And laughter When I was a teen I was headstrong, often foolish But he was one of the adults […]



I usually try to be happy and upbeat.  I’ve been heartbroken for the past two days upon learning of the death of these two.  They are the son and daughter-in-law of a fellow choir member.  Their lives were violently taken and I’m trying to get my head around it.  That’s the problem.  My head can’t make sense […]

death is not pretty

Source Death is never pretty We prop up our dead In pretty clothes Flowers and artifacts A favorite book A crushed knick knack Trying to make order To put on a good face for death But death has no pretty face It is cold and dark Brittle and hard And it takes our breath away […]