Source   Do you look for approval from outside? I do, and I hate it. Here’s a case study: my black and white dress. I have a black and white dress that I love. It’s got big tendricle-like swirls of black on a white background. It’s got a tunic neck and is very loose because […]

Buying clothes and modesty

Source Here are some things I consider when buying clothes: Is it long enough? Because I am tall almost everything is too short. The dresses of our world are getting shorter and shorter. I’ve taken to wearing an Indian-looking style: I wear short dresses as tunics over pants. I also hunt to find longer dresses. […]


Source   Fashion is a secret pleasure.  Whether we are into fashion or not, we all have our own style. We have to wear clothes. Why not have fun? My take on fashion is to cover my body sufficiently. To be modest and humble. To not let it go to my head.  To not be […]

why I wear flats

    Source because I’m 6 feet tall because they are comfortable because I feel more grounded because I’m clumsy because they are cute because I hate walking in heels because I can’t walk in heels because I can run if someone starts chasing me because they are simpler because they seem more modest and […]