that darn squirrel

I used to think squirrels were cute.  But that was before they started eating my tomatoes.  These are my tomatoes. I haven’t had a garden in many years.  I finally realized that tomatoes were going missing.  My son said he saw squirrels in the garden and I said “Squirrels don’t eat tomatoes!”  I was wrong.  […]


Today I was in a mood to get a lot done.  I cleaned, cooked, shopped and gardened.  I blogged and hung out with family. Now my ankle hurts and it is late and time for bed. Thankful for the day.  Thankful for my life. Related articles Be Thankful ( Thankful ( Thankful for the little […]


I took this picture a while ago so this plant is big and hearty by now in the yard.  But here, I love the way it reeks of promise and the future.  The renewal of spring is always heartwarming! Related articles Unfurling Fiddleheads and Marsh Marigolds ( Amaryllis Unfurled ( soul unfurled ( Unfurling Ferns […]