What does Christmas mean to you?

Source Christmas means getting cards as unique as their senders tins of cookies in the kitchen at work Christmas music played at home and sung at church wrapping handmade gifts standing in line at the post office to mail boxes to family holiday parties and good cheer Christmas Mass and holiness an increase in friendliness […]

happy halloween – bwahaha!

Photo credit: Cricky’s Corner I love Halloween.  It’s not my favorite holiday but it’s up there.  Christmas is first, of course.  Celebrating the birth of our Lord.  Family together.  Gifts.  I love Valentine’s Day too with it’s candy and chocolates and making and sending of Valentines. Halloween is fun!  I love the giving out of […]

cookie mix in a jar

(Photo Credit: My Dear Darling.com)   It’s about 10 weeks until Christmas so it’s time to start thinking about gifts.  I did something like this last year for a co-worker.  For more on this idea, hop on over to My Dear Darling.  I’m going back over too.  Looks like a very cute blog.  🙂 Related […]

black and red roll

I love limiting the colors.  I’m thinking about a holiday line: Valentine’s doll, Halloween doll, etc.  What do you think?  🙂 Related articles Top 10 Pantone Fashionable Color Trends For Fall 2013! Featuring Samba (harmonysrainbow.wordpress.com) Let’s Just Get to Fall Already (kedavidson30.wordpress.com) Who’s ready for Halloween? (amyzingeventplanning.wordpress.com)

Happy Father’s Day!

A day late and a dollar short…  I thought I scheduled this for yesterday.  Oops.  Oh well.  A belated Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dad’s out there.  First, a shout out to my first and foremost father God!  Next to my dear earthly father Launbural William Spriggs.  Thanks for being the best father […]

if you can’t take the heat

Hello all!  I don’t have a specific Cinco de Mayo post for you today.  Sorry.  I’m sure there will be lots of others.  I wish I could have made some big colorful tissue flowers to decorate but there is never enough time.  I sent all day yesterday crafting and yardsaling.  I got a new (old) […]