be calm

The key to being calm is trusting in the Lord.  No matter what.  No matter the storm, the uncertainty,  the fear.  Focus on God.  Know that he provides.  That’s it!  Keep calm and carry on! Related articles God Calms Our Fears ( In The Calm ( 77. A Simple Prayer To Calm Your Mind ( […]

life is precious

I am thankful for my life. My life is precious. Every life is precious.   Related articles More Precious than Gold ( Precious Lord, Take My Hand ( Priscille Sibley: Precious and Wanted ( Precious Mother ( A Precious Moment ( More Precious Than Jewels ( My Precious Friend (

every storm runs out of rain

    For all of you who are experiencing heart ache, financial problems, sickness, grief, or anything else that has you down, please remember dear friends that this too shall pass.  First, remember that you are not alone.  Remember that God is always there.  All you need to do is look up and inside your […]