Girl, please.

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How is it that whenever I feel like I finally mastered something down and start becoming a know-it-all, Jesus stops me in my tracks and is like:  Girl, please. Stop acting like you’re a boss. I love you, so here…this might hurt a little, but it’s for your good because that’s…


Source   Fashion is a secret pleasure.  Whether we are into fashion or not, we all have our own style. We have to wear clothes. Why not have fun? My take on fashion is to cover my body sufficiently. To be modest and humble. To not let it go to my head.  To not be […]

why I wear flats

    Source because I’m 6 feet tall because they are comfortable because I feel more grounded because I’m clumsy because they are cute because I hate walking in heels because I can’t walk in heels because I can run if someone starts chasing me because they are simpler because they seem more modest and […]


Source I enjoy dressing modestly. I recently bought a dress online and bought it one size bigger. I mainly did this so it would be sure to fit.  I also chose a bigger size because loose clothing is more modest, and more comfortable.  Luckily my husband supports me in modest dressing and that’s helpful.

Plus Size Is Beautiful

This is Katie and I think she is adorable.  She is the blogger behind Hems for Her, a plus-size fashion blog.  Check it out! Related articles PLUS SIZE NEWS: TwentyFour20 by Allison McGevna Launches Today ( Why can’t we just accept curvy and fat bodies on women? That’s why there are no more happy fat […]