Poem for Luisa

Source She walks like the air Soft, gentle A kind spirit I see her walking through a meadow of wild flowers With an old boxy black camera Hanging from her neck with a multicolored strap She takes pictures, this one She likes to capture beauty on film She is beautiful in my eyes I like […]

Royal Owl and Pussycat

Source Once upon a time there was a Royal Owl. She was zany and fun but a little sad. She needed a friend. Her brother married Royal Pussycat. Royal Owl liked Royal Pussycat and they became friends. They were not just Royal Sisters-in-law. They were Royal Friends. Royal Pussycat moved to Colorado. That made Royal […]


Source trying to sound interested in what he is saying even though I am not interested in the least listening silence “Oh, that’s good.” feigning trying this is love Be sure to check out the lovely and enchanting art work of Sigga dis

i like poems

  i like poems   full sentences not necessary   you can jump   around   say little   suggest   they are like little sketches   that people fill in with their own   emotions   Related articles   Where do poems come from? (fernandezhudsonla.wordpress.com) The Home of All the Poems (walkingwithpoets.wordpress.com) A place […]