Rain is important and one of God’s greatest gifts.  It nourishes, soothes, cleanses and purifies.  Just when I think I need to water the garden, it rains and I am thankful.  Check out this cute country song about rain. Rain is a good thing Luke Bryan Related articles Learn to Love the Rain … (tootallfritz.com) […]


every storm runs out of rain

    For all of you who are experiencing heart ache, financial problems, sickness, grief, or anything else that has you down, please remember dear friends that this too shall pass.  First, remember that you are not alone.  Remember that God is always there.  All you need to do is look up and inside your […]


I don’t mind the rain if it’s not too cold.  The best thing about the rain is funky rain boots.   Related articles Splurge or Steal: Rainboots [Dafna vs. Hunter] (theedgytimes.com) Rainboots: On How I Learned to Love the Rain (katrinaapeters.wordpress.com) DIY: Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots (adorastylez.wordpress.com) Chambray & Rainboots (baublestobubbles.com) Ode to Rain (London) […]