Source My husband and I started doing Paleo about three weeks ago.  It is really agreeing with me and I have lost a few pounds.  I feel better and it’s good not eating bread, sweets, and processed foods.  I am eating lots more vegetables and fruits.  It’s also very do-able.

Overweight People

Overweight people are just people who eat more than their bodies need. If you have never struggled with your weight, you probably don’t understand how people can be overweight. And if you have ever struggled with your weight, you probably don’t understand how anyone could never have struggled with their weight. Related articles 4 Places […]

weight watchers

  I am no stranger to weight loss plans.  I’ve been on every diet under the sun starting in my teen years.  Here’s a list:   the lollypop diet the grapefruit diet Slimfast paleo Atkins South Beach Nutrisystem vegan vegetarian low fat/fat free   Weight Watchers is my favorite.  It is healthy, doable and I […]

Which would you choose?

Someone brought donuts to the office.  I chose a blueberry cake donut.  It turns out that your best bet, other than refraining, is the glazed at 260 calories.  My choice cost me 340 calories.  Oh well.  It was good! Related articles Why I obsess over donuts ( Do Yourself a Favor, Choose Water over Flavor […]