A Starbucks outlet located in Marquee Mall.

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When I'm at the airport killing time I often like to buy expensive cards.  Like  
magazines, they are a guilty treasure. Things that are expensive with little use 
bug me. I could buy a book instead of a magazine and it might take me a month to read it. 
Then I might give it away. For the price of a book I could also buy a magazine, tear 
through it, and its done and doesn't hold up well.  Although, often with magazines I 
rip out pictures for cards or other crafts or hold onto 
them for crafts. Often you will find very expensive cards in airport sundry shops. Like Papyrus. 
I love Papyrus!  Such beautiful cards. So beautiful you want to frame them. When I receive 
an exceptionally beautiful card I will hold onto it for a while. Holding on too 
long to too many causes clutter. The other day I was tempted to buy a five or six dollar 
card just because. I resisted. Instead, why not find a cheaper more interesting thing to write on? 
How about writing a letter on the tiny Starbucks bag that your pastry came in?  
Or on the back of your plane boarding pass?  Later you can decorate at home with paint, 
markers, collage, stickers. The thing serves as a memento of where you were, making it more 
personal. It's good for the environment and your pocketbook. 

Keep calm and be thrifty!









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