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Hello and welcome to my books page.  I’ve written four books and you can read more about them here:


dessert haiku

Available on Amazon!

This book combines two of my delights: poetry and sweets.  It’s a fun and mouth-watering collection of haiku.


poems for a rainy day

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This is a book of my latest poetry.  I’ve reached a point in my life where I am at peace and have resolved much of the angst of my twenties, thirties and forties.  These poems focus on love, relationships, family, and faith.


i love this

Available on Amazon.

This collection of short journal entries is divided into sections on service, finances, home, faith, love, humor, food, and health.  On marriage and service, “As far as my husband goes, serving him is like serving a friend.  It’s a way to show my love for him.  I believe it is what God wants me to do.  When I try to live as Jesus lived, it brings me closer to God.”  The book also has a lighter side:  “I asked my husband if he thanks God for me every day.  He said, ‘Every other day.'” I think it makes a perfect wedding gift.  🙂




Available on Amazon.

I wrote this book under a pen name about my experience of wanting to get married.  Before I met my husband, I longed to be married.  I returned to my Catholic faith and started attending Mass and asked God for husband.  I prayed and told God that I would submit to Him and would accept what He wanted for me, husband or no husband.

My book is also about the sacredness of marriage and is for women who want a closer relationship with God, want to explore their understanding of marriage, and aspire to grow.  I think the book is also good for married women who want a refresher about the true meaning of marriage.  I find it helpful to reread it myself from time to time!

Please note: If you are interested in copies of this book for your young adult ministry, please contact me regarding discounted or free copies.  Thanks.




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