Rose scent

Source I am dressing more modestly and that includes the scents I wear.  I like soft, gentle, natural scents like rose and lavender.  A friend gave me a rose balm that I love.  You can barely smell it and that’s a good thing!

Call to dress more modestly

Source I have a calling to dress more modestly.  I’m struggling with this a bit.  The more you reject modern wordly culture and cling to what you believe God wants, the more odd you seem.  I remember when I would see Jehovah Witnesses standing at the subway evangelizing.  I would think they were weird, afraid […]

Plain is the new Beauty

Source I am wrangling with beauty and humility and think I am on the verge of figuring something out.  There’s a place where beauty and the pursuit of it is so vain! Also with beauty, not only is there unconventional beauty, but there is also plainness which I’m starting to find beautiful.  Our beauty-obsessed world […]