Favorite show: Heartland

Source My favorite show du jour is Heartland.  It’s a Canadian show I’ve been watching on Netflix. Here’s why I like it:   horses wholesome sweet romantic family farming/ranching fun to watch great soundtrack   Check it out.  However, if you are anything  like my husband you won’t like it. He says it is a […]

Ode to Sprinkles

Source Besides your incredible edible beauty you are funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! in traditional mellow warm brown jimmies or rainbow punch and all the individual colors of the rainbow the texture on my tongue the little crunches lying elegantly upon ice cream or sprinkled over cake how I love you gobble you up while you beautify my heavenly […]

Royal Owl and Pussycat

Source Once upon a time there was a Royal Owl. She was zany and fun but a little sad. She needed a friend. Her brother married Royal Pussycat. Royal Owl liked Royal Pussycat and they became friends. They were not just Royal Sisters-in-law. They were Royal Friends. Royal Pussycat moved to Colorado. That made Royal […]