The power of music

  I was eating dinner at the airport before my flight. Chipotle was dark with long lines and mellow music. I got through the line and took my dinner to a silver metal table and sat down.  Slowly chewing my food I recognized that I felt sad. Was it that I was getting ready to travel […]


  Source music can bring you back to a different place, time a saw a friend from high school days she reminded me of our mutual appreciation of Supertramp I started listening to the songs and it was instantly 1979 I was 16 big hair, Dittos jeans, Candies shoes football games, proms and disco dancing […]

Favorite show: Heartland

Source My favorite show du jour is Heartland.  It’s a Canadian show I’ve been watching on Netflix. Here’s why I like it:   horses wholesome sweet romantic family farming/ranching fun to watch great soundtrack   Check it out.  However, if you are anything  like my husband you won’t like it. He says it is a […]