HR Manager

Source When I was a kid I liked to go to the bank with my mother. It wasn’t for the lollipops. I liked those, of course, but it was for something else. It was the deposit slips. Back then, they were two parts with carbon sheets. I loved filling them out. I guess I’ve always liked […]

When it comes to writing be a fool

Source I really like to write.  Poetry.  Books. Letters.  But sometimes I get all freaked out about writing.  I procrastinate.  I dread. Right now I’m tackling a project for work.  It’s Saturday and I’m behind on it and I sat down to write.  I think of all that can go wrong and I get stifled.  I […]

Happy Saturday

Here’s to making some small efforts today. I know I have some in mind: a little work for my job, cleaning the basement, cooking something using leftover vegetables from the week and tidying! Superwoman here I come!

Fifty shades of grey

I don’t want to see the movie. Being drawn towards modesty, purity, the covenant of marriage, wholesomeness, and privacy prevents me from wanting this in my life. I am not a prude. I believe that sex is beautiful within marriage. I don’t believe in pornography or violence against women. This movie is being talked about. […]