I usually try to be happy and upbeat.  I’ve been heartbroken for the past two days upon learning of the death of these two.  They are the son and daughter-in-law of a fellow choir member.  Their lives were violently taken and I’m trying to get my head around it.  That’s the problem.  My head can’t make sense […]


Source It appears that there is a trend now to elevate the ordinary. That you don’t have to be famous to be recognized. That it’s ok to be just a regular, normal person. This is not new. “The Word became flesh.” John 1:14. Jesus came down to earth. The extraordinary embraced the ordinary. Jesus became […]

Growing hair

Hair. When it is long, we cut it short. When it is short we dream of it being long. My hair is at a medium to long length. I am growing it out as far as it will go. My hair won’t grow past mid-back length and then it’s so curly it doesn’t look that […]


Source Beauty can be a blessing or a curse.  It’s all in how you use it.  Are you using your beauty for good? A gentle and quiet spirit has imperishable beauty and is precious in God’s sight.   Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be […]

Plain is the new Beauty

Source I am wrangling with beauty and humility and think I am on the verge of figuring something out.  There’s a place where beauty and the pursuit of it is so vain! Also with beauty, not only is there unconventional beauty, but there is also plainness which I’m starting to find beautiful.  Our beauty-obsessed world […]

Everyone is beautiful

Source Not to sound cliche, but everyone is beautiful in their own way. I truly believe this. If you look around you can see it. First put aside anything you’ve heard from the world that only tall skinny blonde young white people are attractive. Or that beauty is on the outside. If you can get […]