Big Guy

Big guy brother of my love I remember meeting you ten years ago in B’ham you were driving an old truck Walter called you Fred Sanford… I remember you hugging each other brothers, almost twins we joked, taunted, teased but underneath, pure love we both loved to talk to cook we were both loud we […]

I Remember

Source I remember being young and single Going wherever the wind blew me Hanging out with friends until 4 am Falling in together after work meeting at a restaurant then moving to bar or club no deadlines no curfews no one to answer to, go home to a free spirit a kite surrounded by so many […]


  Source music can bring you back to a different place, time a saw a friend from high school days she reminded me of our mutual appreciation of Supertramp I started listening to the songs and it was instantly 1979 I was 16 big hair, Dittos jeans, Candies shoes football games, proms and disco dancing […]

why i loved the hippies

Source I am a child of the sixties.  And when I say that I mean literally a child.  I was born in 1963.  That made me too young to be a hippie but I was definitely influenced by them.  I wore bellbottoms in elementary school.  I had black power and peace sign necklaces. I dressed […]