you can make a doll too – really!

I bet there are lots of you who think, I wish I could make a doll.  I used to be like you.  The key is to just try it and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Isn’t that the key to trying anything new?  I have made so many mistakes: sewing on heads backwards, arms […]

blue and white polka dot doll

All of my dolls are like family or friends.  There are no two alike.  One day I will sell some on Etsy.  Right now I keep giving them away to family and friends! Related articles Welcome to the dollhouse: Dutch designers get playful at Luminato ( paris doll ( doll with blue face and pink […]

Easter Mantel

A little late, but here it is!  🙂 Related articles DIY Spring Mantel {& Tackling The Big Empty Wall} ( Decorate Your Mantel ( Our House: Easter Mantel ( Easter-y Mantel (  

My First Quilt

I recently bought a sewing machine.  This little quilt (about 2 x 3 feet) was my first project. Related articles National Quilting Day GIVEAWAY! ( Today is National Quilting Day! ( QUILT UPDATE: Cape Fear Spirit Quilt top is finished! – Articles ( hashtag quilt (

My new lunch bag

This is my new lunch bag.  It’s made by a company called Built.  I love polka dots and I love the hot pink inside!  Plus you can throw it in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Related articles Red Apple Bag ( Polka Dots ( Polka Dot Tights, Holdups and Socks ( Pink and […]