Buying clothes and modesty


Here are some things I consider when buying clothes:

Is it long enough? Because I am tall almost everything is too short. The dresses of our world are getting shorter and shorter. I've taken to wearing an Indian-looking style: I wear short dresses as tunics over pants.  I also hunt to find longer dresses.  Also, try the new slip extenders. They are slips with lace or ruffles that are meant to be seen hanging under the dress or skirt and make it "longer."

Is it loose enough? Not only is tight clothing indecent it is uncomfortable!  Buy a size too big!

Are there slits? You can find a nice long skirt and get home only to find that there is a big old slit showing too much leg. You may be able to fix this with wearing tights or leggings, but I'd rather avoid slits altogether.  Another option is to sew the slit up.

Is it too sheer? This can be fixed with a nice slip underneath. In fact you can usually fix problems with the right undergarments: tanks, slips, leggings, etc. 

Is it too low cut? The public does not need to see cleavage. Cover it up. Tanks work nicely. 

Is it too flamboyent? I have a problem with this. There is a balance between loving bright colors and wanting to be seen. I have to ask myself, am I trying to be the center of attention?  I recently almost bought a hot pink suit. It was modest except for the color. Hard to be modest and humble in hot pink. I'm not saying bright colors are wrong. But for me, trying to be more quiet and humble is what I believe God is calling me to so I'm trying to watch it. 

Do you try to dress modestly?  If so, how do you do it?

4 thoughts on “Buying clothes and modesty

  1. Dressing modestly is a challenge when it’s so hard to find decent fashions! I’ve learned to become a little creative haha. 🙂 I found some inspiration from Colleen Hammond’s book “Dressing With Dignity” gave me a new way to look at modesty. Good post!

  2. I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite, seeing that I’ve fallen and haven’t been able to get up (if you know what I mean). I guess once you had him and have been taught of the Saviors ways, it’s becomes hard to shed the Word completely out of one’s life, not that I want to. I haven’t lived the life for some times now but deep within I mess it. It’s funny, just yesterday I had a dream with singing gospel tunes in church. Does this means God hasn’t given up on me yet? Sorry for rambling here.

    • God certainly has not given up on you. He loves you as much as ever. He is a parent sitting on the couch waiting on his child to come home. It is never too late. I think your dream means that he is calling on you. Talk to Him! Hallelujah!

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