silent retreat


I took the bus this morning. Usually my husband drives me to the subway. This morning the cable guy was coming and my husband needed to be home for that. Also, I had the bright idea to make muffins, making me later than usual. So, I'm on the bus.  It's a rainy, fall morning. I'm noticing there is something peaceful about the bus ride. My silence. Usually when I'm in the car with my husband I'm chatting away. I have a lot of drive and nervous energy in the morning all the time and I chitter chatter. It doesn't really calm me down. More like the opposite. Sitting on the bus it's like being in my own mini silent retreat. I realize that I have a need to be quiet.  It helps make me calm.


2 thoughts on “silent retreat

    • It really was Levi. It’s funny because bus rides during rush hour in DC are not necessarily peaceful. But with the rain, it being a little late, the windows steamed up, and the lull of the bus, it was. Enjoy your Oregon day! 🙂

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