how being a purist has killed my diet



Usually I am a purist when it comes to dieting. I have very high, close to impossible standards. If I fail once, I give up completely. Then I gain weight again.  

That’s been my life. Diet, lose, off diet, gain. A big old yo-yo. 

Now, with a goal of less than 100% compliance, (80/20), I have room to be better or worse. I have a plan I stay on. There’s no off and on. I’m always on, just not 100%. 

This just might work. I’ve lost 5 lbs. 20 more to go. This is doable. I can do it!



One thought on “how being a purist has killed my diet

  1. I too was the kind of person who believed it was “all or nothing” but learned a thing or two since then. I am happy with the little I do in comparison to doing nothing at all regarding my own weight loss. The little changes grow into big changes after a while for me. So in the meantime I say, You go girl! Keep it going and I wish you all the best.

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