Virginia Beach


This is part of a memoir series on my friendship with Renee who I met in college and focuses mainly on our escapades during our late teens and early twenties. 

Renee and I took many beach trips.  We were in college, we’d jump in the car by ourselves or with our brothers and some other friends and go to the beach.  We went to the beach in New England, Atlantic City, Virginia, Mexico, Florida and the Bahamas.  None of us had any money so we’d always stay at cheap hotels and in one room.  On sleeping bags and couches.  One such cheap hotel was Cerca Del Mar which means close to the sea.  I’m pretty sure it was not.  🙂

Renee and I would get up and head out to the beach and lie out there all day.  We never got sick of it.  We would sing, dance, tan, swim, sleep and talk.  Renee could talk as much as me.  My brother would yell at us at the end of the day to leave for the ride back.  He was usually driving.  My brother was just like my Dad, a tough task master trying to get his crew organized and on the road.  Those were good times that I will never forget.


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