“Do you want sprinkles?”











When my husband and I began dating, we went to Georgetown for the day.  Georgetown has many boutiques, galleries, and cute eating places.  When we were ready for a snack we stopped at one of my favorite ice cream parlours: Thomas Sweet.  We walked up to the counter and I ordered something.  My husband started to order something.  He ordered soft serve.  I said to the clerk  “No, he wants regular hard serve.”  I looked at my husband and said, “You can’t order soft serve!  They have really good homemade ice cream here.  You’ll want to get the hard ice cream.”  I think I talked him into it, but I’m not sure.  The clerk asked him what kind of cone he wanted.  He wanted a cake cone.  I cringed but shut up about it.  Every one knows sugar cones are better.  🙂  The last straw was when I looked at him and asked “Do you want sprinkles?”  He looked back at me with an incredulous look and said “What am I, three years old?  No, I do not want sprinkles.”  Testy testy.  🙂


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