Fabulous and funky: hand-painted sneakers


One thing I like about being a seller on Etsy is getting to know other sellers.  I am pleased and honored to introduce you to a seller I recently came across, Lori Felt of SneakersR HeartFelt.

lori felt

Lori has started a sneaker revolution!  She started designing and hand painting sneakers for her daughter’s sorority house and they loved them.  She made more.  When she wore them outside, people stopped her on the street, asking her where she got her shoes!  If I had run into her, I would have too!

I noticed her cute sneaks on one of my strolls around Etsy and was drawn to their bright colors, whimsy and pure fun.  They have so much spirit!  Lori uses high quality fabric markers, lace, flat pearls, shiny stones and beads in her work and they are one-of-a-kind wonders.  One thing that is hard about Etsy is actually finding all the great stuff on there.  I wanted to share Lori’s unique shop with you!

I asked Lori about her creative side and she said that her art has been the vehicle to give her escape time.  It is a sacred place within her walls where she can just be.  She has loved art since she could hold a crayon.

Lori tried lots of different art forms.  However, when she did sneaks, she got a different response.  She cried after completing each pair.

This connection led Lori to believe that she had found her purpose.  She has designed shoes for charities and fundraising events.  Lori feels that each person is energetically attracted to the piece they need.  She wants to bring a smile to someone’s face and have them walk around more confident, stand out and be seen.

Lori believes that Etsy is so successful because it gives people a chance to showcase just how creative they can be and that it is time for crafters to get the respect they so desperately deserve.

She also thinks we have many, many kinds of talents on this planet and by sharing we will all thrive.

Lori, I agree!

The pair of Lori’s shoes that most spoke to me are the Bliss Converse Hand Painted Hot Pink pictured above.  Of course, I would be drawn to hot pink!  But it was also the word bliss written across the shoes.  Lori says that these shoes were inspired by her love of spiritual art.  Aren’t they just gorgeous?

Please take a look at Lori’s shop.  You can admire her artwork or get yourself a brand new pair of fabulous kicks!  They will definitely put a smile on your face (or on your feet!)

Here’s one more pair before I go!



8 thoughts on “Fabulous and funky: hand-painted sneakers

  1. Just want say a HeartFelt Thankyou for including my story in your blog Karyl. Also Karyl is modest and has no showcased her
    I agree there are so many fantastic sites to shop. One is Dolls and Monsters for sure. I can not sew
    stitch but Karla has mastered this skill. I love her charming whimsical dolls. A must for a child frightened and needing the
    security of a little friend to snuggle with. Someone to share their hopes and desires. Also to tell there deepest fears to.
    The monster dolls are great if you have a child that is scared of the dark or boogy man. Telll this child to hold the
    onster doll tight and he will protect you while you sleep. I love the newesr doll whose clothes are made from Ghana, This African
    doll holds a special spirit. Look at the other creations Karla has designed. Go to Dolls and Monsters and check out just what I mean.

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