Ode to Luisa


IMG_1065Luisa, with a heart so sweet.  Moving quickly around.


Squirrel is what we call her.  Diligent, hard-working.  Busily storing up for winter.


She cleans and tidies and organizes and toils.


Runs around, light of foot.


Her heart is large and her intentions good.


A curious mind and a love for all things new.




A lover of having fun.  Of teas, and healthy foods.


She exercises and takes care of herself.


Hates the phone, but  that’s ok.


Stays up late sometimes.  Troubled with lack of sleep, but vigilant in always trying to do better, be better.




Our beloved squirrel is loved.


We see her steadfast attempts.


We (her spouse and child and friends) love her.


She is ours, and we hers.


Luisa, the squirrel, beloved.



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